A killer app – free semantics-aware diagramming

Have you ever been on a video call and wanted to draw a box-and-line diagram, like you would at a whiteboard?

Been frustrated how clunky mouse gestures are, compared to a pen?

Wanted to share and re-use parts of your diagram, easily, in your next one?

If only…

  • whiteboard apps didn’t put your diagrams in their database
  • drawing a box, or connecting two boxes, could happen with a gesture, at the speed of thought
  • labelled boxes and connectors formed a semantic graph that could be re-used

Sounds hard? We have the basic pieces already:

  1. SOLID lets you store interconnected data, like diagrams, where you choose
  2. m-ld lets you collaborate in real-time on a shared RDF data structure (for example in the demo)
  3. (What you may not know) m-ld was motivated by an app just like this, which is on my shelf, and it already does shape recognition! :rocket:

Like this:

What needs to be done, is to integrate these three pieces together, polish it up, and start thinking about the artificial intelligence possibilities… :exploding_head:

What do you think?


This is awesome. Please do it :slight_smile:

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Yes this would be really neat! I am working on a heavy node-edge multi dimensional knowledge and uncertainty management prototype that I’ll be putting live shortly (aiming for the next few days). I love some of the ideas you’ve already built or are thinking of building (drawing at speed of thought, the (+) on the nodes creating new linked nodes etc). Perhaps we could set a time to chat about our different projects / ideas. There might even be some overlap / opportunity to collaborate? :man_shrugging: You can contact me at ajp at centerofci dot org)

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Intriguing! & CCI’s mission looks awesome.

I’ll pop you a calendar invitation :+1:

I do think there are significant undiscovered territories in HMI. I feel like we’re waiting to be surprised by the next utterly transformative change, just like we were pre-iPhone, or pre-PC. I say waiting, but I’d really like to be involved…

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This is great! Love it!


not semantic enough… need semantics more! :cry:

Use Solid,