3D mindmap on your Solid pod - Getting started in 4 mins

Build 3D mindmaps, store it on your Solid Pod in jsonld and share it to your friends or collegues


Does anyone have some experience with threejs, i want now to connect Solid nodes to timestamp nodes organised as an helix/spirale

And i’m looking for partners to build a solid developers team to maintain this project

That’s an interesting project!
Could you please explain how the different technologies are linked together? In particular, how is IPFS linked in this project?

As you mentioned importing wikipedia, will there also be an automatic importing/conversion mechanism for RDF data?
Though there is [VOWL](http://vowl.visualdataweb.org/, the edges often cross with each other. Not sure if a 3D structure will improve the situation.

And not sure if this is a bug or not, but the right-mouse is not as expected: it is moving along a specific axis; while I expect it to move up/down/left/right based on the current viewpoint.