Your advertising profile and having alternate profiles (to share)

Not sure if this forum is also meant to discuss vocabularies and schema’s and such (if not, please point me to a better platform)

I’m trying to parse my linkedin data (I requested a copy) to rdf.
One of the aspects is my “advertisement profile”.
This, of course, Is an interesting thing to have and share (to get the right apps). But it should not per se be the same as your “actual” profile.

One of the fields in my linkedin data was “age”, which is estimated based on graduation. in my case, they estimated me 15 years older.
This made me think: maybe I’d rather have advertisements that are more directed to another profile than my “actual” profile…

I should be able to provide ‘fake’ information, and thus might benefit from having additional profile descriptions of me…

How does this work? do I need a separate schema or ontology?