What the actual... [complete sentence]

It’s as if I’m speaking a different language here and that’s frustrating enough, as I can’t seem to get any solid answers about the emergence of a distributed social platform.

Well guess what? Appears I was looking in the wrong place.

Months before hearing about Inrupt I familiarized myself with holochain. Have brought it up a few times in this forum, with no appreciable result.

The disconnect has become unbearable.

Check it, beta begins in June:

There need not be competition. Holochain is available to anyone and everyone. You want the security of blockchain without the computational overhead? You want users to be able to operate micronodes via mobile fones? Holochain.


filsmyth does not code.

I’m just a guy who likes things to make sense, and as a g+ refugee all I really want is to be able to express myself & enjoy others’ expressions in a manner similar to what has evolved over there since 2011.

I not only want to share, but share without limits.

And excuse me if I don’t want to hack something together in order to do that. No offense, but it’s just not my thing.

TO ANY AND ALL OF YOU FOR WHOM CODING IS ENJOYABLE, I suggest you delve into holochain.

I am in no way trying to say Inrupt/Solid should be abandoned. Far from it. Simply, it is difficult for me to watch while holochain is being ignored.

Do with this message what you will.

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At first sight this sounds like something in the same vein of Solid. Maybe the paths of these two will inevitable intersect.

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what does holochain mean by DNA?

I don’t see much about data and it’s storage; maybe there is possible synergy

I took a quick peek, but not enough to really see (busy)… is it blockchain based (which would be putting me off)?

Blockchain is obsolete.

Ah, thank you @filsmyth! My small peek was to Holochain page and not Junto. The name ending with ‘chain’ made me dismissive of it as just another blockchain fad (of which I’ve seen too many).

Very interested in DHT-based p2p projects, though, like datproject.org and Secure Scuttlebutt, so I now have one more to read up on.

Then Junto: I love the ideas that are described. Would be cool if you could post to Humane Tech Community forum in Time Well Spent > My Apps and Tools section. Our forum constitutes an archive. A body of information waiting to be procesed as we start crowdsourced community-projects and initiatives. We have been admitted to Mozilla Open Leaders and are currently revising our Mission and scope. Junto would fit right in with the solutions we are looking for.

Here is my LibreOffice diagram that depicts what we are about:

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If you are into this area there isn’t an initiative close to SAFE Network. I’ve made it my mission to help put Solid on SAFE because the two complement each other so well, and Maidsafe have been integrating the technology which Solid uses (WebID, RDF, SPARQL etc) and making its data types native to SAFE Network.

For example, you can create WebIDs on SAFE and select the one you want in a drop down in the latest SAFE Browser.

At the same time all the code is open source, mostly written in Rust for security, and Maidsafe are making their modules easily available for other p2p projects (Crust for example provides secure p2p communication without configuring home routers).

Two good general intro links to SAFE:

Technology Primer: http://safenetworkprimer.com

Quick Intro:


Nice, @happybeing! When I did my investigation of p2p some time ago, I encountered Maidsafe, but it did not get stuck onto my radar somehow. I ended with DAT. I will have a renewed look, when I have time.

PS. @filsmyth, you may want to change the topic title for clarity and findability.
PS2. The image in previous post is part of our HTC updated mission and vision that I have just announced.



k, have fun