What app would you love to see on Solid?

For this, for sure have a look at WebVOWL. The authors have done a lot of research regarding the visualisation of ontologies. Really nice stuff.


@tuelsch I noticed that whattheontology uses rdflib.js. A little while ago I looked into adding a d3 serializer to rdflib.js so that graphs can be visualized with it. Unfortunately I have been distracted and have not completed that work. D3 is also used by Webvowl . They use a D3 force simulation, which I think would be not too hard to add to rdflib.js. The changes I think can be pretty much localized to two files: serialize.js and serializer.js. This will I think be ok for smaller ontologies, but I think for larger ones 3d will be necessary to make sense of them and then also some kind of paging will be necessary. I would suggest not going too far with the visualization in the first iteration. For one thing its a very big subject, and for another thing the rdf library space also has comunica which probably eventually will have some fancy visualization features.

Sorry @tuelsch I had not seen vis.js before. It looks very interesting and the samples from the showcase, especially the wikipedia mapper, are awesome.

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Quiz app

An app along the lines of Quizlet but better, where quizzes, their answers, study sets and flash cards could be composed and others could take quizzes, with their answers, scores, achievements and qualifications being stored on their pods.

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Spam detector for your inbox. The same as for your email inbox, but for the inbox of your POD. Fully customizable with rules.


A (product) review and rating app.


Based on visjs , you Can try http://spoggy.herokuapp.com/?source=https://smag0.solid.community/public/spoggy/Spoggy_features.json
You Can import json or ttl ( some bug with multilines) and you Can create json or ttl and export to your POD ! See Menu/SOLID
Take a look at help for more détails

A hub for ontologies sounds interesting to me. Especially as small specialised ontologies become available with the possibilities to integrate them as part of a larger ontology. A modular contribution and the ability to compose might reduce the effort to use ontologies in Apps or Applications in general.


How about a Solid Operating System?

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I think that’s where Hydra will eventually go. Just a guess.

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If I had spent my gaming time becoming a venture capitalist instead, the idea that most looked like this would be my investment - David Wells

B4LEn$e - Crypto. Social. Postal

Here’s the video where I pull the idea out of my head:

Essentially - Your corelet (corelet cluster across multiple devices) - and access to it are recorded on your personal blockchain, executing smart-contracts when your data is accessed.

Social media that is only free if you participate:
It requires resources to post and target your posts.
When you receive a post, you can

  • refund the delivery fee “like”
  • delivery fee goes to system “keep scrolling”
  • charge the sender for delivering that s*9t-post to you “dislike”

By monetizing your actual activity on the network, your corelet learns to start connecting you to the content creators and services you actually are grateful you receive. Selling access to your corelet data funds your activity on the site (where your participation in data-process/curation is another way of earning).

@grimgriz, may I suggest holochain instead?

You can - but if you do, tell me what it actually is rather than linking me to the buzzword bingo webpage designed to woo venture capitalists, please.

I AM looking for a place that would preferrably port straight over from G+ before they shut it down far more than I’m looking for vaporware.


Please excuse the delay, @grimgriz; for some reason things have been more hectic than usual around here…

Holochain Explained:


Precisely how I like to have things explained to me- tyvm :slight_smile:

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Here’s more about the app idea protection - https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/discover-how-to-protect-an-idea-for-an-app-and-the-app-itself-from-being-stolen-or-copied

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He shook his head. “I don’t understand,” he said, “There are millions and millions of dollars going into blockchain projects.” He paused again, apparently processing the implications of what he was learning. Finally, he said, “Why aren’t they all building on Holochain? It doesn’t make sense.”

Am new here wondering about the Solid UI/UX. On inrupt website there is concept drawing of generic admin dashboard, is this what you call a dev tool kit, or a data browser? That is actually called an Admin Dashboard, here is link to other admin dashboards, conspicuously, they all cost less then 50 bucks: https://graygrids.com/item/category/html-templates/admin-dashboard/
So, can someone tell me what solid has been up to lately, release of updates, timeline. thank you
btw: i posted same question on chat but no response, looking to get information here

Was also wondering what Feross Aboukhadijeh envelopment in Solid is. Thank you


New video, 4/3 of an hour long: