Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Hello everyone.

I’m Jim, and I’m a User Experience designer working on the SAFE Network, which will have linked data at its core.

There are plenty of fascinating and complex design problems to be solved when you give humans back control of all their data, and make it portable. That’s I’m privileged to be working.

Look forward to contributing,


Hello, thanks for having me here, I hope this will be a better community for businesses and social networks


I offer opportunities for businesses that need non recourse funding for start ups and established institutions that need more funding to broaden up their investment, we monetize owned sblc bg and clients do not pay back that is why it is non recourse funding.

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Hi I am developer interested in solid ecosystem.Let me know where to begin exactly so that it will be helpful for my startup business (www.avrhil.com).Suggest me the beginning of development


Hello, my name is Rob Drake. I find programming a wonderful hobby, as I can engage my brain. Right now I’m living in a nursing home, everything from my naval up works fine, just not below my naval. I may not be at the same level of skill as the rest of you, but I keep learning, maybe I’ll publish something useful.


Have you seen Some basic resources for newcomers? https://solid.inrupt.com/docs is also a great resource to start with.


I am a believer in Solid and I am here to help out with what ever I can on my free time. 20 years in the IT area as Entrepreneur, Consultant and now Head of Front-end, Design & UX.

I love Front-end development and everything around it. USER FIRST is my approach, so I do Personas, User Tests, and so on.

I hope to help out with creating a better user experience and to develop som awesome Solid apps to the community.

I just registered on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me there: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eduardo-ibacache-rodriguez-707117172/



Hi everyone :wave:, I’m Jessica. I found out about Solid through Pinboard.in’s popular feed which I lurk through frequently just to see what the technology sector is talking about. I’ve been teaching myself programming for about three years now, which hasn’t been all that hard having had worked with the PHP/MySQL in open source software like WordPress and PhpBB in the past, but I’ve had to unlearn a lot of the old ways I used to handle HTML/CSS and even this whole concept of frameworks/bundling and management through the terminal. I guess I should be happy that I’m only 29 and am still open to new ideas though!

Compared to a lot of the new technologies being worked on right now, Solid has a ahem solid purpose to what it’s going to do for the world wide web in the long term, and has a decent first app walkthrough, along with explanations of linked data and how to work with it. I have made very good progress on making an app that fetches and updates with rdflib, and have even come up with my own namespaces I’m using along with the common ones. And pretty much any problem I’ve had so far has been easily solved by looking through a library’s source code as well as some of the apps that other people are working on and existing RDF guides.

Really am benefiting from a lot of the posts here so far as well. So thank you to everyone who’s contributed to the discussions so far. I don’t doubt with more polish and a few breakthrough apps that Solid wouldn’t take off, there’s so much wanting of alternatives and new ideas at the moment with everything going on off and online.


Hello Everyone! I am a semi-retired scientist specializing in physics of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere, principally at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in the USA. I now live on a working farm in Costa Rica. I am now involved in the ThreeFold global movement to establish a neutral, green, completely decentralized grid of internet compute and storage capacity (see threefold.io). With this involvement I have encountered SOLID, and being that ThreeFold and SOLID share similar philosophy regarding the current status of the internet and what needs to be done about it, I thought it best to make connections to see how we could work together toward our common goals.


Hello Guys, I’m a brazilian professor on Ccomputer Science field. I finished my PhD one year ago and the theme was Securing Authentication Frameworks (applied for OpenID). I’m so impressed with this initiative and would like to contribute and do some research with the platform. I would be pleased to talk with everyone interested on some technical work.



Greetings to all. I am Elizabeth and my nom de plume is Herald.
I am intrigued and excited to be here.
I aspire to be a bona fide resident Water Maven in this unfurling community of innovators.

[Loving Waters]


@Sascha I love the sea as I love my Mother.


Hello, I’m Conor Muldoon, a Research Scientist from University College Dublin with research interests in Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, and Sensor Networks. I’m interested in developing a decentralised recommender system for news and online content using Solid. Last week I submitted a proposal for the SFI Future Innovator Prize (http://www.sfi.ie/funding/funding-calls/future-innovator-prize/) to potentially obtain funding to develop the system.


Hi, Hashir Rizwan here from Technical University of Chemnitz (https://www.tu-chemnitz.de), Germany. Currently pursuing Masters in Web Engineering with interest towards advance management of data. I am also working as a data analyst at PRISMA European Gas Capacity GmbH (https://corporate.prisma-capacity.eu/).

I have started a research project at my university in SOLID along with my team (https://wefourc.com/). We have a diverse skill set in our team, so working on any specific problem within SOLID would not be a problem for us. And obviously, a very energetic team who are always eager to learn something new.

We are currently building demos on SOLID and looking forward to solve real world problems.
Also, we want to be a part of SOLID community world-wide by leading community development efforts in Germany.

Other than that, big Liverpool F.C fan (Yes we should win the league this around) and a traveler.Looking forward to travel to Norway next!

If you have any ideas what could we do with SOLID do not hesitate to drop me a message here, or on hashir.rizwan@outlook.com.



Hello everyone, Shoaib Sarfraz here from Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. Currently, I am doing Masters in Web engineering.
I am highly impressed by the SOLID idea and would like to contribute to this community.
Please feel free to write me on shoaib.sarfraz@ymail.com


Hi. My name is Richard and I have just bought a second hand netbook for all of £5.00 because I don’t want to do anything that may screw up my usual laptop.

Got the netbook because I intend to install Linux on it, then install a Solid Pod Server, then create my own POD, then try my hand at my first App. In due course I’ll let you know how I get on.

That may take a while because I’m new to Linux so will have to get used to using command line. Not sure yet even what distro I’m going to install, or which would be the easiest for a newby to get to grips with. Newby in terms of Linux that is, I’m an oldy in terms of years and in mid 70’s.

This is my project for next year, starting now.


Welcome to the free world. :slight_smile: You don’t really have to use the command line (that some people find scary) for everyday things on modern Linux distros. I recommend you install Linux Mint. It is a very friendly distro and everything “just works” on a normal machine.

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the command line is too instant gratification. Learn to organize and comeback to previous work with scripts that run the command line for you

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Hi, I am Nashib ul Khamash, I have few years of experience in Web development, currently doing Master in Web engineering from TU Chemnitz , Germany and doing a job as a software developer in Schaeffler digital solutions gmbh.
After reading about SOLID and about thought behind it, I am really interested to work on it. I also have a project from university on SOLID (www.wefourc.com).
I am here for some brainstorming and get some ideas, I am looking forward to participate in the discussion and come up with nice solution to existing problems.
I am reachable by engg.nashib@gmail.com



HI, I’m Keith Poole, I’m a cloud engineer and developer of many years vintage. I’m interested in solid because I think that personal data should belong to the individual and not various companies