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Hello Folks,

Do you know about any development or even consideration, where the WebID identifies an organization (a legal entity) e.g. a company?

We are working with data from the LEI system (Legal Entity Identifier). The pointer to our space is https://lei.info. Unlike some other players (including the central authority of this federated system - GLEIF). Our system was already built using Linked Data principles. For example all our URIs upon content-negotiation, return RDF (e.g. https://lei.info/254900UIZS15MTA7H075)
We are thinking about creating proper WebIDs for our URIs and need to discuss both the form of the WebID URI and the RDF being returned.

Have anyone tried to do that before? Was FOAF used there or some terms were from some other ontologies?

I would be happy to discuss it deeply…


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Hey there!

Maybe @RubenVerborgh or @megoth can tell you something about using Solid in the context of company data.

re: ontologies, as far as I read from @jeffz, Solid uses different ontologies and a Solid ontology.

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Current Solid Web Profile documents use a mixture of FOAF, PIM, VCARD, and SCHEMA ontologies. https://schema.org/Organization might be a good place to start. (although I’m no expert on identify ontologies).


Thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks! Yes aware of the vocabularies from the ontologies. And we could certainly map terms from our LEI Ontology (https://lei.info/gleio/) to those from the ontologies you suggest.
However, for Legal Entities (e.g. companies) we usually do not even have the info required by Minimum Recommended Profile Information of WebID spec.
The choice of many other terms, even if they come from the suggested ontologies, can also be perhaps quite arbitrary at the moment, and may be in conflict with the use of WebIDs on the Solid platforms.

We would be happy to work on the way such “legal persons” are defined (our experience from building GLEIO van help (http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1660/competition-paper2.pdf) ), but I was looking for some potential previous work on the WebIDs for such entities - jsut not to reinvent the wheel.

Are you aware about any deeper work in that area?



You already know this as you have asked in the chat, but wanted to share this link here as well for others interested in this topic.

https://orcid.org/content/organization-identifier-working-group might be of interest (via https://gitter.im/solid/chat?at=5c8f7723d0133e21e5d37b3e )

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Yes! Indeed! Thanks anyway !

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