Video for TPAC 2024

We received the following question from the W3C TPAC organisation:

Dear SOLID CG chairs,

We invite your group to create a video (or more) to be featured on the TPAC24 website at TPAC 2024: Prerecorded group updates & demos

This is a great opportunity to showcase your work, share updates, and present technical demos of your latest advancements to the wider W3C community.

If you have volunteer(s) in your group who are interested in making a short video:

  • BEFORE July 28th:
    Please indicate the name(s) of the volunteer(s) to
    … along with a proposed title of the demo, and ideally a description of what the demo will be about.

  • BEFORE August 30th:
    Please send the recorded videos, so they can be published after post-processing at the beginning of September.

Drawing from our experience, we have compiled a set of best practices to
help create impactful videos:
TPAC/2024/Demos and Group updates - W3C Wiki
** For reference, please have a look at the TPAC 2023 videos: TPAC 2023: Prerecorded group updates & demos

Please post in this topic if this sounds like something you would want to help with!