Use my SOLID-POD as storage of data saved in my smart phone

I have again a general question that I cannot link to previous topics: Is there a method to automatically upload information stored in the SD of my smartphone into my SOLID-Pod? (i.e. use my SOLID-Pod like a cloud storage for my phone)

Thanks in advance for any help of link to a similar topic already discussed in this forum

I don’t know of anything that will work directly on the phone yet, but if you can read the card from a computer, you could use Solid-auth-cli to upload the data.

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I think it could Technically be feasible
@jeffz, Do you think solid-auth-cli could be used in an Android terminal and nodejs on Android ???:thinking:

The second way could be a web app that access your sd-card with & access your Pod as many exemples here :blush:.

BUT ! Be carefull as the pod are for the moment experimental and could not be used as secure to store personal data. And the pods are by default limited to 25 Mo,… Not enough to backup your sd-card. But the implementation of that kind of app could be a good PoC :blush:.

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