Unhosted web apps

The Unhosted project is almost identical to the Solid project, and I myself was quite active in it during 2010-2015. It now still lives on around the remoteStorage community, in which 5apps more or less plays the role that Inrupt plays for Solid.

Things that Solid has but Unhosted does not:

  • editable ACLs (for remoteStorage, the public/ folder is always public, the rest is always private.
  • server-side search (right?) through SPARQL (remoteStorage only has a browsable file system tree with follow-your-nose folder indexes)
  • an append-only inbox for every pod (in the unhosted web apps vision, remoteStorage is just for storage, and messaging is done through SocketHub, a project that’s maintained by the same developer community)

Things that Unhosted has but Solid does not:


Forgot to add, Unhosted has a specific focus on client-side in-browser javascript apps that connect to your storage (which I think is the holy grail of separating web apps from user data), and server-side apps that connect to your remoteStorage are also possible, but considered a bit of an edge case.

SOLID is more liberal there: client-side apps can also access your pod cross-origin, but it’s also popular to add them as “panes” of the data browser hosted on your data pod.


I’m not sure if this is the case Michel. I believe @timbl is keen to keep the server very simple, which is one of the reasons I like Solid. But maybe he, @RubenVerborgh, or Inrupt can clarify ‘Solid philosophy’ around this? Or maybe you have a reference yourself?

BTW, big fan of RS and unhosted here, you did a lot of awesome work there. Helped me clarify my aims a lot. Thank you :clap: :clap:


I think you can have a service that runs on a server and interacts with a Solid POD, for example, a back up tool that backs up my data on my POD. But maybe then the word “app” would not be used in this context.


Thanks for clarifying, removed the mention of server-side apps, but kept the remark about pod-hosted apps (panes).

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