Tauri + any web framework = secure, fast, cross platform apps

Only one day in, I’ve been trying Tauri and am very impressed. I think if you need to provide desktop apps for Solid this is a much better solution than electron or similar. Code as much of or as little as you like in JavaScript as you like, and use Rust for the rest, with various architectures available (Tauri patterns). There’s no need to write Rust if you don’t want to, but Tauri is fast and compact because it is built using Rust and you can leverage that as much as you want.

I tested it by creating a desktop version of visualisation-lab. No code changes were needed, so this is a five minute job, downloading a template and merging it with the web app, and it just worked.

That’s a fairly complex app which does SPARQL queries, parsing, transformation and various forms of visualisation, compiled in no time create to a 6MB AppImage. I’ve never had such an easy developer experience for something like this.

More on the Safe developer forum:

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Do you know of any Solid libraries written in Rust?