Starter CustomElement for a Solid App

How to build a Solid app with lit-element & evejs

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You’re going in the right direction @Smag0, keep going! But I still can’t help making suggestions :grin:. I would not want to use any Google code (lit-element?). I think it could all be done with the latest JavaScript, never mind older browsers. Then don’t require the user to write any JavaScript, just html. This I think will require the ‘channels’. Maybe they can be done with es6 proxies and no extra libraries.

@tag42git, I understand your position, but React is from FB, bootstrap from Twitter, and if I could add something about Twitter, it is that they might be interested in Solid ! :flushed: Is that good or bad for Solid?
Nevermind, I use tools that fit my needs with the knowledge I have in développement. I use library’s from German or Chinese devs.
So my projects are Decentralized Web developed :wink:

Ok. Just sayin’…Google etc code isn’t necessary. Also, Solid apps can be made with just html, with the right components. In my opinion, none of us can do it individually, so we have to do it together. Maybe I should give this a break for a while. Keep up your great work :blush:

Sorry, I missed the link about Twitter & Solid in my last post , here it is

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There is a great quote from Marx about capitalism’s tendency always to consolidate. He says the technology that’s developed by this process is made to accelerate the same process. It makes for an ever smaller number of people who usurp arrayed against an ever larger number who are left without. This inevitably makes it harder for the group that’s shrinking in numbers to maintain its control, and the very same technology is then used by the larger group to regain control. Its a story thats older than the web, but fits it very well. I think of for example Debian as a model for how Solid could be implemented for people to use for free.