SPRING - interesting privacy enhancing app model

SPRING is an interesting app. (via Haigha on the SAFE Network forum where I’ve cross posted this).

It should be interesting to follow and learn more about the app, Bitmark and how this or something similar might work with Solid. If you try the app please share your experiences in this topic.
From the Google Play store:

Our long-term vision of SPRING is of a network of people who independently control all their data (health, social media, etc.), have the AI and machine learning tools to use that data to improve their lives, and provide access to trusted third parties without giving up their digital rights.

In this current version, you can see previews of this vision through insights such as how Facebook monetizes you and our personal API that helps third parties request access to your data.

These will get a lot better over time with your feedback, along with support for additional data sets. For now the app is free, but we will move to a user subscription model later in the year as the initial features mature.

Bitmark has been working to restore trust in data since 2004. Our team is led by Sean Moss-Pultz, who started the world’s first open-source mobile phone with the mission to free your phone from carrier control.
SPRING is built with the same Bitmark protocol that UC Berkeley and Pfizer use to give people control over their personal health data, helping them participate in research studies, for example, without sacrificing privacy. Our protocol is also used to authenticate control of music royalties, art ownership, financial products and more.

If you would like to learn more, we believe that transparency is the best way to earn your trust.
• Chat with the team on our Discord community: https://discord.gg/mxy7QbM
• Review our internal documents on HackMD: https://hackmd.io/@bitmarkinc/spring
• Learn about Spring’s technology and how we protect your data: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G2ESnhKNsBKxy9KA3Ri4kafEIpi8yvF_Z7XjwR_qfSI/edit#
• Understand our privacy policy: https://github.com/bitmark-inc/spring/blob/master/eula.md
• Review SPRING’s source code on GitHub: https://github.com/bitmark-inc/spring
• Discover Bitmark: https://bitmark.com/
• Contact us: support@bitmark.com