Some basic questions about solid

Hi Everyone, I just read solid and it is amazing. I had a little about the problem it is trying to solve. On the basis of what I understood solid gives you the ability to be your own data server so other apps and services cannot mine your data. But is there any provision or safeguard in the framework which monitors the apps/services using data from my solid pod and not saving a copy of it on their own servers?

For e.g. I provisioned app A to say, take a look at my search history from app B, so how can I be assured that A isn’t keeping a copy of my data of B on its own servers?


You could also host the apps on your own server, so you could limit which connections are going out from your server.

Related this is the thread How exactly does Solid decouple data and applications?.

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Thank you for pointing out that thread and sorry for spamming with a duplicate thread.

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