Solid protocol using non-http

Hi there,

I’m working on a decentralized app running in the browser that allows users to share their disk-space and internet connection. I would like to include the possibility to store PODs on this system. Which would mean that they are stored on other people’s web browsers while you’re offline, and on your browser if you’re online.

However, all of this only works through WebRTC. And the current specification only includes http as the transport protocol.

  • Do you consider other transport protocols than http?
  • What other options than offering a proxy do I have?



I can’t answer your protocol question, but you may want to look at Solid-Rest-Browser which lets you treat any browser storage (localStorage, IndexedDB, File API, etc.) as a Solid pod. You can send the same PUT/POST/PATCH requests you do to a regular pod but it all lives in the browser. It can handle the SolidOS Databrowser as well as most Solid apps.

To the best of my knowledge, currently there aren’t any large-scale effort in the specification to consider other protocols than HTTP for Solid, provided that HTTP is core to the Web and Linked Data which are the foundations of Solid, as well as to OIDC, which is the authentication mechanism currently used in the Solid ecosystem. I don’t expect this to change anytime soon.