Solid Practitioners Meeting on Search and Indexing

All are invited to the Solid Practitioners meeting this coming Monday, 19 February at 18:00 UTC in Jitsi Meet , no registration required. The meeting will focus on the topic of searching and indexing. We’ll hear presentations from Maxime Lecog (INRIA), Fred Gibson (Graphmetrix), and Yury Savateev (U.Southampton) and from the assembled practitioners. This meeting is intended for working devs to describe what they use and what they need in the way of search with an eye to developing a set of use cases and requirements to present to the Community Group. Please come if you can.


Hello All,

It’s Mohamed Ragab; a Research Fellow at Southampton Uni; I attended the last Solid Practitioners meeting, presenting our ESPRESSO decentralized search system.

I am kindly asking if by any chance any of the Solid community practitioners here, are interested in joining our 1st workshop on Decentralised Search and Recommendation (DeSeRe’24) ( collocated with the WebConf24 in Singapore, on May 13, 2024.

Thanks everyone!

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I suggest you post this message in the specifications channel and to the Community Group mailing list. and