Solid Git Where


Is anyone else concerned about the source being on M$ GitHub? (If not, maybe revisit Microsoft’s history (of tactical E.E.E. (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) and much more.))

Perhaps could be on a Gogs/Gitea or Gitlab instance instead? Even self hosted? :slight_smile:’s nice, but I could see solid even more at home with its own gitlab instance.

P.S. I utterly adore the promise of solid. Very excited & enthused.


There has been some talk of moving repos to GitLab, or setting up something self hosted, but it takes time and focus which is limited resource for us right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Sufficient to say, you are not alone in voicing your concern, and we are mindful of this. Will let you know if/when there are updates on this.



I’m another one from the Safenet forum.
I’ve encountered the topic ‘Can we haz GitSafe plz?’ there, which you may find interesting.
Especially seems relevant here.


Just to note, there’s interest being raised in having Git supported on Solid in node-solid-server as well. But as @kjetil mentions there, it might be a bit to much work for now.

It seems that is still in the reseach phase, let’s see how it goes. (I would’ve preferred it having a MIT license though.)


I’m not a license specialist, but why do you prefer MIT? To give companies more freedom in using it?
Edit. This article describes why MIT is more popular the last couple of years: more pragmatic. Not sure if that is a good thing.


I’m not a license specialist either, but software using GPL license cannot be included in MIT licensed software:

MIT licensed software can be integrated into GPL software, but not the other way around (source)

Most Solid-projects have a MIT license.


forge fed announcement, worthy of consideration?