Solid DPoP tokens - Supported algorithms and key types


I’m trying to use in combination with Virtuoso as an RP. I have some questions about Solid’s use of DPoP tokens.

Solid-client-authn-* architecture says that “Solid-OIDC makes the support for Key-bound Access Tokens (referred to as DPoP tokens) mandatory”.

Looking at the sequence diagram for Solid OIDC Flow in the Solid OIDC Primer, at step 13 the RP generates a DPoP header - this is described further in Section 13

What signing algorithms and key types does Solid 5.6.12 now allow RPs to use for DPoP JWTs?
Is jwtheader.alg limited to “ES256”?
Is jwtheader.jwk.kty limited to “EC”?

Carl B