Solid DEIT Action Items today, next meeting Nov. 9th

(Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team) [just out of memory]

  • replace the name ‘Gitter’ with ‘Live Chat’
  • rename jitsi URL to ‘DEIT’
  • Marrelle doing interviews on website experience
  • Sarven and Timea help with that
  • lower the hurdles for new people
  • be welcoming
  • values
  • monitor International Topic Days
  • Matthias to announce DEIT meetings to the forum
  • Timea to Gitter
  • Jeff wonders why it’s only us
  • Kyra and others propose for the Individual to promote the meetings on their LinkedIn-accounts
  • there was nobody found for a dedicated Twitter Account
  • this is out-of-memory-summary that lists action items
  • next meeting Tuesday, 2021-11-09, 17 CET (without DST)

Thank you so much for this @ewingson!!

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