Solid backbone for suite of apps for migration industry

Hello, I’m an immigration consultant and have been helping people move to Canada for the last few years. I’ve had customers from several countries and covered different immigration pathways. Prior to this career I was a technologist and project manager in the manufacturing industry with focus on process automation.
As a technologist I was obsessed with bringing tech into my business to help with many of the mundane and repetitive tasks. I started to use existing online productivity tools such as Typeform and Trello to work with my customers and they really liked it. I then shared the tools and templates with my colleagues and they liked it too, so I decided to pursue to software route full-time, although I’m not a coder.
I recruited software developers as co-founders early last year and we got to work on my ideas. A few months in we had a great free product in the market that was starting to get traction, and the beta version of our paid product in testing.
In the meantime I was paying attention to the blockchain space and waiting for the tech to get to a point where I thought it was suitable to build towards. When the blockchain 3.0 protocols such as NEO, EOS, NEM arrived I made a long term plan to migrate over.
Unfortunately, by the end of the year my partnership had melted down and my lawyer advised me to walk away from it all and start over doing something else. So I pulled up my blockchain plan and unsuccessfully went out to try to raise money. After turning down the investors that wanted to ICO in three months and other shady deals I started to see how I didn’t really wanted to be associated with that gong show. I didn’t really need a blockchain anyway, I just liked some of the features.
That’s when I discovered Solid, and also a new server product called Helm. These have changed my idea of what I’d like to use as tech for building and I’d be happy to chat more with the community about what I have in mind.
The model I’m developing would suit more than just my niche industry, as it could also be used for other regulated professionals.
If you made it this far, congrats and let’s chat!


It’s a bit beside your original point, but just wanted to check if you’ve heard about Diwala? (Disclaimer: I’m friends with the core-team, and help them as an advisor.) They’re working within the refugee space using blockchain to facilitate certificates, so might be of interest.

Apart from that, welcome to Solid community, hope that you find interesting solutions and partnerships here :slight_smile:

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of Diwala. I’m kind-of post-blockchain now for anything that isn’t a digital currency. I’m looking at alternatives to blockchain for the use case that I’m proposing.

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