Solid App: Golf Companion App


Would anyone know any more details around the Golf Companion App, for example:

  • the author/ team who built it
  • contact details for app users if they encounter issues
  • what kind of support app users can expect (response time, types of problem that may be addressed and type of problem that will not be addressed by the app creator).
  • Link to the source code
  • Link to the license


I think it’s by @michaud, source code here:


Hi Mitzi, I built it as a way to learn Solid, the Inrupt application generator, NEXTjs and Now from
You can find the source code @
I’m still thinking about the things you mention.


It is very niubility.


Thanx :slight_smile: would you mind sharing the pod you use? So I can check if the data is correct


do you have a horse racing version ?


No, this is a specific application for golf


@michaud Wonderful! Thank you. Would it be ok if I add it to the and app listings?


yes, go ahead, I’ve added the information you mentioned in the about section of the app.


I’m review it again.
It is niubility in Solid.
BUT why did it in Solid (must distributed app?)

I’m searching the DApp with many storage. (The best is 5G/IoT/…)


Thanx, First of all I wanted to learn Solid because its ideas is something I think are positive, second, the app can be used without me hosting any data. I also hope it could help gather Golf course information and make it publicly available: crowd sourced data :slight_smile:


Thank you for feedback