Server should provide logged-in WebID and its label(s) to user

@tallted: " *Originally posted by @TallTed in #869*This does not appear to show the user their logged in WebID, nor any label associated with that WebID. I submit that both of these must be available – not least because I may have the same label on multiple WebIDs, but only want to associate one WebID with some activity or data."

@dmitrizagidulin:" Can you explain more about the labels? (Their use with WebIDs is not something we currently do.)
What are you using them for, what’s the format, etc?"

@tallted: " A WebID URI is typically horribly user unfriendly, as has been discussed a lot in regards to typing that string into login boxes.

Alice Jones should not see, for instance, as the logged-in-user – they should see Alice Jones (which should be anchored with the URI, as here).

It may be desirable to also have this display include the IdP’s label, as

Alice Jones (

or even

Alice Jones (

(where the IdP is separately anchored)."