Semantic Web & LD Survey by Fabien Gandon

(some holiday reading)

A Survey of the First 20 Years of Research on Semantic Web and Linked Data

    1. Introduction: Weaving a Web of Everything
    1. Tag Cloud Atlas: Mapping the Semantic Web Research Community
    1. Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Processing (KRR)
    1. Ontologies and Semantic Vocabularies for Machines on the Web
    1. Matching, Aligning and Mapping the Vocabularies
    1. Interoperability or the Web as a Distributed Semantic Blackboard
    1. Retrieving and Querying Knowledge Graphs on the Web
    1. Data Management and the Big (Web of) Data
    1. Software Architectures for and by Semantics
    1. Linked (Open) Data and Schemata on the Web
    1. Semantics in Security, Trust and Privacy
    1. Learning and Mining with and for Semantics
    1. Natural Language processing with and for Semantics
    1. Semantics in Interactions and their Design
    1. Semantic social networks and media
    1. Semantic Web in Use: application scenarios and domains
    1. Concluding remarks



There was also a Hacker News discussion about this survey:

I really like the concepts behind Semantic Web and Linked Data, but on the whole - in the broader developer world - the technologies continue to have a bit of an adoption problem.

With Solid and standards like ActivityPub there are renewed chances to popularize all the groundwork that has been laid over the years to a broader audience. I think @RubenVerborgh’s work in creating React components for Solid is very important in that regard. There may be similar opportunities in combining Solid technology with other popular de-facto standards, like e.g. GraphQL.