History of Solid


Relatively recently, solid was called RWW or read-write web, where, so i presently understand, the primary topic goes back to a note made by Tim Berners Lee on Read-Write Linked Data.

This is one of many little facts about the solid project that accumulatively illustrate the significance and scalability of this ‘solid’ approach.

As solid grows, i thought it would be useful for others to have the opportunity to review the pieces of history that has culminated together as to bring about the solid project, and through the opportunities brought about thereafter; be provided a greater opportunity to consider the various elements designed in a manner that can be made interoperable; and through these considerations --> be made able to better understand why, when there are ‘so many similar projects’ - it is solid - that can grow to web-scale, as we know it today; and as it grows into the future.

In consideration, I am reminded by some words found in an old clip by the co-author of foaf as he talks about semantic web, and here is a link to that video alongside a link to an earlier work from 1999 with TimBL Web Architecture: Describing and Exchanging Data.

Therein; if you have a short post to add, with links, about history that has been instrumental to the creation of solid - it would be great to collect some comprehensive provenance…

Perhaps also; notes on links (that i’ve not done above, but will go back and edit at some stage)

  • date
  • persons (and their webid / foaf record - if they have one, if they don’t - feel welcome to suggest they sign-up to a solid pod)
  • link / references

i’ll add more overtime.



Nice initiative! I have two trivia to add: