Self-Sovereign Identity Model Principles: Identifier and Identity Data Usage Licensing

[This is a follow-up to the conversation that started here: #222. Check there for more details.]


For example, to fully realize the SSI model in Solid, I not only want to specify access controls but also usage controls (in terms of usage license controls) whereby the consuming app needs to agree to example terms like:

  • App X can refer to but can not read and persist my content to any external storage system (beyond where the original content currently resides) without my expressed permission.
  • App X cannot attach it’s own ancillary information to my Identity (e.g. WebId) without my expressed permission.
  • App X can read my content but cannot aggregate it (anonymously or not) to create its own new content without my permission.
  • etc.


  1. Is it envisioned that Solid will support these sorts of usage license terms …as part of an end-to-end lifecycle? Is this type of support weeks, months, or years away? Is it on the roadmap?

  2. Is there anything that needs to be changed in the current Solid architecture to support usage license terms? …or has Solid been architected to make usage license terms a relatively straight forward design/implementation detail?

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No answers to these very fundamental questions. Curious.

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I think Solid is not yet about licensing data, allowing / restricting number of copies…
Solid is about storing and linking allowing access at resources level
If you want such functionalities il can be add upon Solid