Reading data from Pod results in 500 Error

I’m using inrupt’s JS libraries to handle data reads/writes to pods from a website. When I try to access data from a Pod on which I have read access to, all I get is a 401 followed by a 500 error, as you can see from this screenshot:

The code that triggers this error is:

let medicalSolidDataset = await getSolidDataset(resource, {fetch: fetch});

What am I doing wrong? I checked the permissions and they are OK, I have read/write access on the resource.

Hi @nicomedia,

I have noticed something similar when attempting to access authorized Resources in a NSS Pod when authenticated using a Pod Spaces ( WebID. We have some thoughts as to the problem, but still have not nailed it down.

In your case, are you using a Pod Spaces or NNS ( or WebID for authentication?



Hi, I’m trying to access a resource stored on a WebID from a Pod Spaces WebID(

That sounds like the same issue. We are currently investigating to identify the source, and will respond back here with the results.

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The error arises here in fetchFactory.js

async function makeAuthenticatedRequest(unauthFetch, accessToken, url, defaultRequestInit, dpopKey) {
    return unauthFetch(url, await buildAuthenticatedHeaders(url.toString(), accessToken, dpopKey, defaultRequestInit));