Read-Only Content on POD


Hello SOLID Champs,

Is there any way to store read-only or write-protected on the SOLID POD that user of POD cannot change?

So for example I want to store my bank account balance on the POD but obviously I don’t want user to temper it. This can be achieved by encryption, but user wont be able to see the original content then. The CRUD operation would be done by Banks Web Application but stored on the User’s POD.

Is there any related discussion regarding this ?



You don’t need to encrypt it, but the bank can still sign it. That way the user can see it but the bank can see when the user changed it, because the signature will be invalid.


Thanks for the reply, but then user has the control to change ? How reliable will be the app then ?


The user can change it, but the signature will be invalid, which is something that the bank can check. For example, the users changes his balance from 100 to 1000. The signature stored on the POD is only valid for the balance of 100, so the next time the user opens the app it will complain saying that the balance is incorrect, because it doesn’t correspond with the provided signature. Note that this signature can only be provided by the bank.