Inmutability of Data

I was able to play with the Access Control Feature of Solid and I was wondering if the following is part of the intended design:

Will Solid support immutability of data such that even the pod’s owner can’t change it?

A typical case is that of Medical Records such that a Dr. needs permission by the patient to write into the patient’s pod. Once the Dr. completes the structured note, the data owner can never alter it.

The blockchain can easily accomodate for this but again, unless it’s a private chain, patient privacy is a big concern. Thus personal Pods.

The medical/solid enabled app could hash the Dr’s note and store it in a blockchain for future validation (a typical IPFS/Ethereum approach). However, from what I’ve seen in Solid, there is nothing that can prevent the patient to alter/destroy the content and thus making it unreliable.