React only working on Safari?

I made a basic log in and data saving application ( and me and my mate can perfectly connect using Safari.

Using Brave (Chrome based) I get this error

Using Firefox my mate gets

Any help?

Hi KyoSch,

What js libraries are you using to connect to the server? If I may suggest one, have a look at @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser - npm, it supports all major browsers. :slight_smile:


Dear Nicolas

I am using the included popup.html to log in at the moment. This was included in examples of the solid react library.

Kind regards

Kyo Schelfhout

I see, could you please share the link to the examples you are referring to?

Lost track of this post, my apologies!

Hi Kyosh,
No worries, Iā€™m not familiar with that React SDK but I maybe you want to take a look at this one as an alternative.


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