React-native-jose lays error 404 on npm module solid-authn-fetchet

I´m using solid-node-client that uses at the end solid-authn-fetcher under the hood, the problem is that this module needs another one called react-native-jose but it does not seem to find it on the npm registry (it is trying to find the module at this url:

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

I’m the author of solid-node-client. I have not encountered or heard of this problem. What version are you using? What OS are you using? What error is produced and when does it occur - when you install? When you run a script? If a script, please show it.

Running on macOs (and on linux when trying to deploy it on a docker container, the same error occurs), solid-node-client version is 2.1.0, the error occurs when runnin npm install when there is no package-lock.json, the error says:
HttpErrorGeneral: 404 Not Found - GET - Not found
Could not fetch metadata for react-native-jose@0.1.0 HttpErrorGeneral: 404 Not Found - GET - Not found

Hmm, that’s odd, it works for me. Try to create a folder named anything but solid-node-client, go to that folder, do npm init -y and then npm install --save (or --save-dev) solid-node-client. You should just be able to use the executables in the node_modules/solid-node-client/dist/. You might also tyr updating your npm?

According to the solid-auth-fetcher package.json, the react-native-jose package is not on npm, it is here. I guess you could install it manually if for some reason it doesn’t install with the regular method.

Please let me know if you either solve it or continue to have problems.

Hi again, I just found the concrete problem but I don´t know if there is an actual solution, the thing is that react-native-jose dependency resolves to git+ssh, since the ssh keys are needed in order to pull the react-native-jose repository and these keys are not set up on the deployment environment it just can´t pull the repository, at least thats what seems to be happening

I suggest you raise an issue on the solid-auth-fetcher github repo. I also wonder if you need solid-auth-fetcher. The only thing it provides to solid-node-client that can not be achieved another way is username/password login to NSS. If you do not need that kind of login (other libraries can login to NSS using a JWT) and you do not read the local-file Solid access, you can just use Inrupt’s solid-client-authn-node instead of solid-node-client and avoid the issue. If you can get by without the username/password but you need the local-file Solid access that solid-node-client provides, let me know and I can help figure out how to use that feature of solid-node-client without needing to import react-native-jose. I suppose another solution would be for you to fork react-native-jose and publish it in a way that lets your deployment download from the fork.

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The problem is already fixed, it was a weird issue with the base image that i used for the Dockerfile, thanks for yout time anyways

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