Raw ACL update

Hello all,

I was looking at writing a few functions in a different language to handle changing ACLs for my SOLID pod, and I was wondering if there was an example of what a raw ACL update/delete/insert looked like? Preferably as a curl/SPARQL reference.


In essence they’re just the same as regular INSERT/DELETE statements. You can try opening an ACL file using Penny, opening the Network Monitor in your browser, and then toggling some access permissions. You can then see what the requests look like in the Network Monitor, or copy the requests as Curl commands if you prefer.

Make sure to tick the last box, “Give other people and apps access to the Pod, or revoke their (and your) access”, when connecting Penny to your Pod, otherwise it won’t be allowed to see ACL files.



Thanks for the help, I didn’t know you could do some of this in Firefox either!

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