How to use the rainbow thing in POD and how to write .acl file

Hi, I have trouble to use that rainbow thing. I try to add some other users in an authenticated list to a file but fail to find out where to fill out.

Besides, I have trouble write .acl file directly.
In github doc, GitHub - solid/web-access-control-spec: Web Access Control (WAC) specification (as used by the Solid project), it shows the format like this:

But in .acl file,

Anybody can give any guide about this? Thank you!

You could try Pod-explorer. It can edit .ACL files


Whaouh Pod-Explorer is a good Tool +++

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Hi, thank you for your help…But I seems to mess up with my .acl by editing it through Pod-explorer…

It is a pic in public file. Somehow I made it unauthorized even to myself…

Is there any user guide for Pod-explorer? I guess I should edit my access control info here

but it doesn’t go well with me…Thx