Question about vocabularies

Hello all

I am currently developing a SOLID app. I’ve done a lot of research on all aspects (authentication via solid OIDC, authorization via WAC, RDF, SPARQL, LOD, …) but i am still confused about ontologies/vocabularies.

I understand that a vocabulary is used so that every app knows the meaning of a certain piece of data but while coding i am kinda confused on the exact steps i should take.

I want people to be able to add a comment to a certain piece of data.

The flow for adding a comment would be:

  • user types and submits the comment
  • app asks user permission if all other users can see the comment
  • check if a dataset ‘Comments’ exists in the users pod
  • make the dataset if it doesnt exist
  • add the comment to the dataset
  • add the url to the comment to the datapiece so i can display it (including some hashing to check if the data hasnt been altered since the url was last read)

A comment contains:

  • Name of commenter
  • content (text)

What i dont understand is how do choose the vocabulary for the comment? Ive looked through the common ones but cant seem to find my way to the correct one…


Okay, step one is probably go here : Linked Open Vocabularies. That will look up “comment” as a vocabulary term and give you back a list of ontologies that have the term. You can then examine the ontologies and see which is most appropriate. Another good first step is to go to which is a very basic ontology that is widely used, is a recommended Solid vocabulary, and has terms for most basic concepts. If you find several vocabularies which could work or can’t find your term, posting here or in the gitter chatroom is always a good idea - there are plenty of us who are glad to bat around vocabulary ideas so just ask.


Forgot to respond, thank you for your kind response and the link! it will definitly help!