Pod with multiple owners

The specification says:

Servers MUST keep track of at least one owner of a storage in an implementation defined way.

So, in theory, more than one owner could be allowed.

Has anybody tried this before? Do any solid server implementations support multiple owners currently? And if yes, how can additional owners be set up? (this would be implementation-specific, according to spec)

Why am i asking?

When we create a community on a Solid Pod, it would be nice if multiple people could have ownership rights: e.g. to increase bus factor and decrease power concentration.

If this question was asked before, please kindly point me to it. I haven’t found such topic on this forum.

NSS has implemented the Owner concept as a turtle triple in root.meta of the pod. Example https://bourgeoa.solidcommunity.net/.meta

  • Actually only one Owner is allowed.

  • The only Owner privilege is to have Control on any ACL.

  • An issue may exist for multiple owners.

  • In between it is possible the create a .meta.acl giving multiple webID’s the possibility to update the root.meta resource.

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PR to allow multiple owners in NSS isOwner there may be multiple owners by bourgeoa · Pull Request #1728 · nodeSolidServer/node-solid-server · GitHub.
Hope to have it merged soon.