Create multiple pods for a single WebID

Hello, I would like to know how can one create a new pod and assign it to an existing WebID so that the owner of the WebID sees multiple options in their profile card. I want the users of my application to be able to select which pod should the application use for data storage. I am aware of the fact that a WebID can be associated with more pods but I don’t know how to create more pods for my WebID. I tried searching the Web and the forum but wasn’t able to find the answer. Thank you for all replies.

Is there a reason to store these things in multiple pods rather than as separate containers in a given pod? The only real advantage of having separate pods is having separate WebIDs but that’s not what you want it seems.

If you do want multiple pods then either create them on localhosts or get them from a free pod provider or pay for them. If you get them from a provider they may or may not let you “bring your WebID”. If they insist on assigning you another, you can give your first WebID rights to the other pods. You’ll have to add them as storages in your original profile, there is no thing that automatically inserts them.

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I thought that I’d give my users more freedom if they could choose which pod associated with their WebID should the application use. Maybe I won’t make it as a feature as I was planning and only if the application detects multiple pods in a profile upon logging in then I’ll ask the user which one do they want to use. By the way, I’m creating an eating preferences profile editor and the profile is being stored as a single dataset in a pod, similarly to a profile card. I am also allowing users to export their profile, and the reason is that they can sign in via a traditional identity provider like Facebook or Google and switch to Solid whenever they feel like it.


That all sounds like exciting stuff. I invite you (and anyone reading this) to come to our Solid Practitioners meeting where we discuss and support projects like yours.

One thing you might look at is type-indexes - these allow much finer tuned ways to find where to store things.

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It depends on the Pod Provider and the Solid server they are running. On CSS, e.g. running on you can choose to use an existing WebID when signing up and creating a new Pod:

@jeffz I see several reasons why one would have multiple Pods with a single WebID. I myself am having several Pods. One reason is to separate data with different level of security. While I am happy to store some data on an experimental Pod on the Web, I am also running my own instances of CSS, some on a VPS, some on a raspi at home in local network and some only on localhost, but I do not want to have a dedicated WebID for all of those.


This box should only be ticked on the Pod you want to use as Identity Provider


@aveltens - I am not implying that there are no reasons to have more than one WebID, I have five or six. I am saying that people should really evaluate their needs and make an informed decision about whether another WebID is needed.


True, my point was about having multiple Pods with a single WebID