Offline-first implementation of Solid: PouchDB

We should not have to depend on a ‘pod provider’ for which there is obviously some data centralizization and control. We need a decentralized, offline-first approach to storing our pod data.

Has anyone looked into the offline-first databases (PouchDB, etc) to implement Solid?

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@rafael5 Pouchdb wouldn’t necessarily be the correct approach here, instead, you’d more likely want to run your own pod server for just a single user, which you can do with the Community Solid Server — you can’t really do replication though, as a Pod has to be identified by it’s IRI, which means it’s tied to DNS — there could be interesting experiments with regards to backing the storage used by a Pod Server with something like IPFS, but it’s really arguable if that’d give any benefits.

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You could have a look to solid-rest that uses the local filesystem