Node solid server setup and login

I have setup a node-solid server on Windows and on Mint Linux. It is running in single user mode. I cannot register an account on either server (every account I try to register says account already exists). Is there some default login on these? I followed the setup instructions at:

The instructions, as far as I can see, just say to create a user and login.

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For me, I had to add scripts node.cmd & node-test.cmd on windows to launch node-solid-server

Since I don’t have ssl certificates I use node-forge to self generate on windows.

This is all unofficial

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Thanks. I had not noticed this before:
Solid requires SSL certificates to be valid, so you cannot use self-signed certificates. To switch off this security feature in development environments, you can use the bin/solid-test executable, which unsets the NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED flag and sets the rejectUnauthorized option.

I ran solid-test now and I still can’t register an account. Is that all you did? Start solid-test and then register an account?

I ran with solid-test[.cmd on windows) and also my self signed certificate. It still needs the self signed (for developers like me who don’t have an alternative certificate); what that means is
the bin/solid command line was altered to include “–no-reject-unauthorized” and an env var was set:
bin/solid-test calls bin/solid. They are for unix. For windows I made the equivalent

It doesn’t mean it has a mode to work without the certificate; it has a mode to not reject a self signed certificate

Sorry, I already had the self-signed cert, from the beginning, and then you made me aware of the solid-test thing, but I was saying that it still didn’t let me create an account. I didn’t try this on my Windows instance yet though. I guess I will try that next.

hmm, linux should be easier; you using the master branch from github?

the release/v5.0.0 is really broken and they are working on it. I would keep an eye on and get ready to test when it is fixed and merged

My experience the current master is unstable with many things being fixed in the release/v5.0.0 branch

Yes, I used: solid/node-solid-server
I will keep an eye on it and try again later. Thanks!

Thanks so much for your help here. Using your fork I was able to get the server to work on Windows. I still never got my Linux instance to work. I also noticed that FireFox browser works much better than Chrome and that Edge or IE don’t work at all…

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Could you please try 5.0.0-beta.2? I haven’t seen this specific issue before, but there were some stuff in the first betas.

You might need to delete the db folder too as you try again. If it still persists, please register an issue on github, as we track issues over there. :slight_smile:

The “account already exists” is still present in 5.0.0-beta.2


Did you delete the db folder? We have had some issues lately that have been related to that (#1019, #1017), and I think that if for some reason the database was created, then something went wrong, then another attempt could probably cause that kind of problem.

If that doesn’t fix it, could you please file a github issue where you post the directory structure of your data folder? For example, the output of du on your Mint machine?

I filed an issue

im just going to be brutally honest guys… i decided a long time ago when installing a program if it doesnt practicly self install and run im uninstalling it asap… solid is going to have to program their server so it does this… once up and running a good gui better take care of the rest… tweaking etc… other wise youll never get very many people to use it and someone will come along with one that is easy to use…

As you are aware, this is a multi-year project and things take time. Solid is in the developmental phase, things will come together in due season, keep checking back for new changes and updates.

Brutal honesty? I’m not a solid developer or work for solid. So nothing I do or write is official:-)