New here, no coding skills, how can I contribute?

Hi richard, where can I find those apps?
Cheers, Lodda

One way is via Github


User Interface utilities and building blocks.

Solid Apps . Most of the apps, such as the chess game , are already developed. One of the most interesting ones that is still in development is the Timeline app , a social networking app like Facebook, but where your own information is 100% under your own control and in your own POD.

Solid Panes display in part of the window. For example, you may have a pane that displays contact information , another pane for displaying videos , another for displaying a calendar , and another for arranging a meeting , etc.

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Hi @richard, I had a look at the Timeline app link to github. But I have no idea what I need to do in order to use and try it out. Is there an installation process for windows? What do I need to know when I want to use those new apps from the github place?
You see: I did not get yet the principle idea in which way I can activate any solid app to use it. Do I find it on my pod? Then how? Is the app running on my pod? Do I need to integrate it into my profile? Then how?
I just don’t know it yet.
When I try to log in I get “WebID-TLS authentication failed” :frowning:

It is a web app available here:

But unfortunately it seems to be a little outdated, like so many of the example apps…

@Lodda Yes, there are some ‘default’ test apps in a new pod. Just click on the green [ + ] to select one, otherwise you can drag a file from your computer onto the [ + ] to upload it into any pod folder.

Here is a Beginner’s Guide.


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@Lodda I mentioned the Timeline app as one that is still being developed (it’s not ready for use yet). Sorry if I misled you.

Most of the other apps are already developed and can be tried out, and you can actually do this from within your POD using the ‘Beginner’s Guide’ listed in the @dredd post.

That’s an excellent guide for non-coder end users, and if you log into your own POD and use that guide you will be testing out some of the available apps already built in.

Is it? Looks more like development stopped for some reason:

Latest commit 9bc2375 on 11 Jan 2016

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