Metadata for non-RDF resources

I’m currently writing a Pod file manager application and I’m running into an issue with meta files. I’ve read the spec and previous discussions but haven’t been able to determine the current best practices and/or whether I’m doing things correctly. Specifically, I’m lost on the correct method for creating meta RDF files for non-RDF resources.

I’ve tried putting a blank file at the URI specified by the non-RDF file’s Link header. If I specify a ContentType of “text/turtle” the PUT appears to succeed, but the file doesn’t appear to be created. If I specify a ContentType of “text/plain” the meta file appears to be created in an ambiguous state (it shows up in a directory listing, but all operations on it return a 404, and it cannot be deleted).

I’ve also tried PATCHing RDF data directly into a non-existent meta file. This appears to succeed, but again the meta file does not exist.

Is there something I’m missing in either the Solid specs and/or discussions? The latest discussions seem to indicate that the spec on this is still up in the air, and I haven’t been able to find any examples in existing Solid apps that handle metadata for non-RDF resources.


hello, same issue for me. Do you find a solution ? Apparently if you put a TTL file in a ‘container’ the turtle content will be put in the .meta folder of this container. What is a .meta on NSS?
But I tried this without success.

Hi there. I think these questions are best asked on the Solid Gitter channels, or the appropriate Github panel. Unfortunately this forum is a bit of a backwater, not frequented that much - I guess - by the people best able to help you with this.

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