How to create a meta file

Hi everyone,

I try to create a meta file of a non RDF file stored on my private folder.
I see the PUT returns a 201 but the file can’t be display in the browser (http 404) (at the opposite the creation of an ACL file works well).

If I read the following article it seems the TTL content of the meta file should be put automatically in the .meta folder content as explained in the link here below.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.

Do you have any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


And it didn’t work for me either, that’s why I posted it (see the bottom comment about "Trying to access metadata file as regular file ").

AFAIK current Solid Servers do not currently support metadata files for resources, only for containers. The specifications on metadata are nearing completion, but are not finalized, so I would not recommend creating apps that depend on specific behaviors of .meta files.

Thanks for your quick answer!