Is Solid participating in the Metaverse Standards forum?

One very interesting thing that happened this year was that the entire spatial computing industry signed up to be members of the Metaverse Standards Forum to help coordinate standards effort for “The Metaverse” or as I like to call it the Spatial Web. I’m not that much of a VR person, but I am all in on the real world enhanced by the digital world and would love to have Solid join in on the action and leverage the semantically encoded solid pods for such as digital twins and personal data pods that you can use to have a personal datacontext to interact with the spatial web/metaverse.

As far as I know Solid hasn’t joined as members yet:
Metavrse Standards Forum - members

What do you mean by “solid join”? I don’t think a project could “join”, but rather companies or specification groups… is that what you mean?

I sort of assumed there was some sort of organization, “organizing” the Solid Project. If there isn’t a single organization performing that role, but rather a community of people and organizations, then maybe some of the organizations taking part could consider joining to bring the solid ecosystem into the consideration of the Metaverse Standards Forum as well as maybe those organizations bringing some ideas back into the solid community to see how solid pods and spatial web semantics approaches can be leveraged for metaverse type of scenarios.