Invitation to learn about Solid Use Cases in Data and AI Governance

Hello Solid Community,

Quick note, we’re keynoting the Business and AI Forum with the SWARM Community on the 26th 2024-04-26T21:30:00Z: Data Freedom: From Ownership to Monetization in the age of AI.

We will review our contributing technologies, like the Solid Protocol, and deep dive into the many solutions we can build for Data and AI professionals, like:

  1. Cross Organizational Data Observability
  2. Distributed Data Clean Rooms (No third party required)
  3. Monetizing Knowledge in the Age of AI
  4. Data as an Asset on Balance Sheets

Hope you guys can attend, and learn more about our plans to bring Solid Pods into the enterprise, and by extension to every web user providing data into these, and many other, high value data transactions!

The Best,

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