Illegal, insensitive or unwanted Pod content


Following the Christchurch NZ attack I got to thinking. As I understand it, Solid Pods are intended to keep an owners content in a hosted or self hosted pod. In the case of, say, photos, comments or video that were to contravene laws or common sensibility and should be ‘taken down’, how would that be achieved? Or how would the links to that content, as I understand the idea is to store once and let allowed apps link to, be disrupted? And who decides?


I don’t think there would be any difference between PODs, self hosted or otherwise, and how content is currently handled.


As for anything illegal, the police should get a warrant and take the content down. It could get access to any webhoster this way and even come to my home and take my raspberry pi if needed.


@zacharywhitley & @aveltens But currently FB and Instasham would account for huge majority of content and files were clearly easy to download and repost back or to other hosters. With potentially billions of pods to close down, doesn’t that become unmanageable?


I think Facebook would be able to handle it just fine. If someone like Zuckerberg doesn’t want to comply with the law because it might cut into his profits is another story.