I want to understand linked data and turtle

So let me see if I have this right:

I’m interested in sharing all of my likes. So if in my POD, I created a public folder called “likes” and in that folder I created text/turtle documents saying the <#me> https://schema.org/LikeAction http://ua1.us. I am now publishing, to the world, that I like my own website. Correct?

Now, so for someone creating an app, they are going to scan my data, most likely download it, and use it in a SPARQL query to display all the things that I lived.

So I own the origin of record and the rights to share it to whomever I want.

Am I going down the right path here in understanding this stuff?

Yeah! That’s a good start ! :+1:

I think this is an unsolved question, or at least one which has recently been debated but I think you are on the right track. You can see other people’s thoughts here:

2 things,

  • Where the heck can I find an example of a turtle document?
  • Is the turtle document just relating the objects in a field with their values?

There w3c primers are quite good:


The new Solid website just went live a couple of hours ago, coincidentally, which has some documentation you might be interested in. Specifically, understanding Solid.