How to run the test suite for my server?


I have been writing a server for Solid for quite some time now. I see that there is a test suite: GitHub - solid/test-suite: An automated test of Solid specification technical compliance

Can someone explain how these tests work, and how I can adapt them to my server?

@michielbdejong knows most about that, I think.

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Yes! First of all, great that you decided to implement a Solid server!!

Is your server open source?
Is there a demo instance of it running somewhere?
What programming language is it in?

Sorry if the docs weren’t self-explanatory.
Please come to solid/test-suite - Gitter which is our main tech support channel for the three test suite parts. The solid-crud-tests are the ones to start with. It’s easiest to run them with WAC turned off, or with a user that has full access.

You can also open GitHub issues if you run into a specific error message or question!


I’ve posted a message in the test suite chat, the discussion continues there.

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