How can I add triples to my ESS public web profile?

On Inrupt’s ESS I have a profile and want to add triples to it I want to share with the whole world. I can’t figure out which resource on the ESS I need to edit to add these public triples.

I can see the extendedProfile but this resource contains information that is not shared in public.

The WebID Profile Editor is available at Note that the WebID is not part of your Pod storage and so is not a resource in that sense.

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Right, thank you! That worked. I was trying to test the registration of an existing (ESS) webid to a CSS pod and needed to add triples to my public web profile to do that.

For anyone who wants to edit the profile from an app using the Solid protocol, I think this is still being discussed, but not all webId documents have to be editable (or even Solid documents). Instead, you should be able to edit the extended profile and you should have a public one and a private one.

We started talking about it here, but I’m not sure what’s the current consensus (in any case, the webId spec is still in draft so nothing is final). Proposed Conformance Model · Issue #40 · solid/webid-profile · GitHub

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