Help using different libs: rdflibjs, tripledoc, ldflex, solid-file-client


Not sure , my package.json say “^2.9.0”
I’ll first upgrade😊


You can take a look at your package-lock.json to see what version you currently use (2.9.0 in your case). May be helpful in the future :))


thxs, i was aware of it, but that file was too long to display on my mobile, where I made the previous response :wink: .
I will try to update


Yes, please update your package.json directly. rdflib was a feature exposed in 2.10.0.


really??? do you see anyone putting prowdhetro in their name???


Sorry, but English is not my native language, so could you please help me what

is ?


I’ve updated to 2.10.0 but switching to rdflib give me some errors with require (‘fs’). Will fill an issue asap