Error Installing Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server

Hey people,
I’m trying to install IESS (Inrupt Enterprise Solid Server) on a Ubuntu Server, and I’m having a weird error during the installation of IESS Services.
I followed all the steps from their docs until this step here.

When I run this command, it returns the following error:

> ERROR: Failed to populate the following placeholders:
> ===================================
> /home/ubuntu/ess/deployment/dev/release/ess/deployment/kubernetes/bases/cluster-autoscaler/kustomization.yaml:        value:,
> ===================================

I went to the file described in the error and noticed that it has a “REPLACE_ME_” in it, but it didn’t ask for the value to change the placeholder and neither the guide specified to change it manually.

Have anyone faced this problem before?

should’nt you put your cluster name or id ?

As it’s Inrupt’s commercial product, might be best to file a support request directly with them: Jira Service Management

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Hi @lucas,

Inrupt’s Enterprise Solid Server (ESS) is a commercial, production-grade product. To install, you need an Entitlement Token.

If you are looking to explore Solid and want to install a local, open-source server, I recommend taking a look at the Community Solid Server (CSS) or the Node Solid Server (NSS).

Inrupt Support