DVO Profile Manager

What are the contact details for user support and what kind of support is available?

*DVO Profile Manager

Which license is the source code under?


Hi Mitzi.

To be honest, I wouldn’t really want anyone using it yet as I still have a lot of work to do. Actually, since this was my first attempt at a Solid app, I’ll more than likely rebuild it. However, if anyone wants to contact me they can at either glen_simister@yahoo.co.uk or d-volution@protonmail.com.

Everything is open source BTW.

Regarding the video, do you think it would be better to exclude my presentation and just publish a link to my youtube channel instead? It was quite tricky to explain my project in 10 minutes and so I had to skip over lot of important info.


Do you have a link to the license?

I don’t have a licence yet. Everything i’m doing right now is experimental, so there wouldn’t be much point in getting one.

Ok - thanks Glen!