Does Solid Server site need to be publicly accessible?

I don’t have a static IP address but I want to run Solid Server on my private LAN.

Is that possible, or does Solid Server require a publicly accessible web address?

(Apologies in advance for posting such a basic question.)

I don’t see any reason the server be publicly accessible, so long as you don’t mind it being isolated.

Obviously this limits its ability to connect with other data sources.

Well, as long as inter-POD communication goes through browser web-apps then the browser should have access to be both external PODs and internal PODs, given that the browser runs on a machine with access to both networks.

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Good point, the limit would be for server side only, eg cross pod SPARQL queries. These though could still be done in the client as you point out, if you run a Web app that supports that.

I favour keeping the logic client side to avoid servers at all, so interested in approaches to SPARQL and so on that run in the client.

Thanks. The intent is to isolate the server to my LAN. For now, anyway.